hi everyone! i’m sorry to make this post again, but i still haven’t found any place to live for college and i really desperately need one.

my name’s claire, i’m an 18 year old lesbian trans girl, and i’ll be moving out to olympia to attend the evergreen state college by the end of this month (my first class starts on september 30, orientation week starts on september 20 but i can miss that if i need to). and as of now i will be homeless once i get there unless i can find a safe place to live.

i dont have any way to afford the on-campus housing at the college, so thats why i’ve been looking for housing off-campus. i really want a permanent place to live for the school year, but honestly i’d be happy to stay at a place even if it was just for a month or two (though that would mean i’d be in the same situation i am now within a month or two, so it wouldn’t be ideal).

i can afford to pay $300-450 a month for rent and utilities, and am able to provide for my own food and transportation. i’m able-bodied so i dont require any disability accommodations of that sort, and i dont have any food or pet allergies either.

if you think you have a place for me to live, or if you need any other info from me, please send me a message (my askbox is linked to on this post). and thanks so so much for taking the time to read this post.

please signal boost if you can.