Human beings have only been able to drill down a third of the way into Earth’s crust. That’s only about 0.3% of the radius of the Earth. So how we know so much about its internal structure?

In this week’s It’s Okay To Be Smart, you’ll earn why the Earth is organized like an onion filled with sizzling magma and metal as hot as the sun, plus how it got to be that way. You’ll also discover how the leftovers from dying stars and a little bit of density put “life” in Earth’s destiny. 

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PS - My t-shirt game is strong in this one, if I do say so myself.

At 1:20 I learned something my 4 courses of choice science courses never taught me (yeah, this geek right here took extra sci classes instead of sports or music… for fun of course!)





Josh Thomas talks about male suicide

he is so important

A huge part of the reason men end up committing suicide that much more frequently is because they often give little outward indication that something is very, very wrong. The inability of others to sense that something is wrong, compounded by the fact that others EXPECT nothing to be quite as serious as suicidal ideation, makes it super difficult for men to receive adequate help fast enough, or at all.